Pilgrims and volunteers gather at the 51st IEC opening mass

By Nelle Cañ​ete

IEC Opening Mass at Plaza Independencia, Cebu City, Cebu by Mark Cosep

Hundreds of people gathered at the Plaza Independencia, Cebu City to witness the 51st International Eucharistic Congress opening mass which was presided by the Papal Legate, Charles Cardinal Bo, Archbishop of Yangon in Myanmar together with the other bishops all over the world.
Despite the hot weather, both the pilgrims and the delegates flocked in the Plaza. They listened and participated during the mass as they experienced the solemnity of the Eucharist. The estimated crowd was over 350,000.
“I participated and joined as a delegate in the congress to praise and show my love to God. I also joined to deepen my faith and to learn more about the Eucharist, ” said Vida Amores.

Holy Communion by Mark Cosep

“Although I’m not a delegate, I decided to lend a hand and become a volunteer because I want to help and participate in the congress and I think it is through volunteering that I can show it. Also, through this I can serve God,” said Lilia Tabulong.

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