By Chelzee Salera


If Jesus Christ knocked on your door right now, would you let him in or would you rather meet him outside?
Lord Jesus Christ, our Divine Savior, offered himself to us. He offered his own body and blood so that our souls may feed and be cleansed. During the Holy Communion we receive our Lord’s body and blood in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist through bread and wine but we forget to contemplate if we are worthy to receive Him. Because of His love He offered himself to us wholly, so why don’t we make sure that when He arrives we receive Him with open doors and arms open wide.
To be able to open yourself wholly to God you must rid yourself of all the secrets that are bringing you down. Throw away and renounce all the things that has been keeping you in the dark.
1. Free yourself from mortal sin.

Mortal sin keeps you away from Christ and causes your soul to slowly die because mortal sin is a deliberate violation of God’s commandments and a bold declaration of rejection of God’s love. God gave us free will but with this freedom we must not forget that our actions are bound by moral laws and the deliberate violation of such causes death to our soul. And to be worthy to receive him we must be free from mortal sin, so throw out your magazines and put your Bible where it used to be.

2. The Grave Sin of Sacrilege

He who knows and still does not free himself of mortal sin and continues to receive the Holy Eucharist commits a grave sin of Sacrilege. The body and blood of Christ is sacred and must therefore be received worthily.
3. Groom Yourself.

Be presentable when you receive Christ. He is an honored guest and welcoming him into your life will create a vast difference. He will bless you with unlimited graces, so show some respect and present yourself to him with utmost effort. Cleanse your body as well as you cleanse your soul. Pick out your best clothes and be grateful as you receive the Holy Eucharist for God loved us so much that he gave himself to us.
Strive to Free Yourself from Venial Sin.

Small acts create a big difference. As we live our lives we must strive to free ourselves from everyday sins for acts are directly connected to our faith and because we believe in the goodness of Christ we must also do good acts and refrain from committing venial sins.

4. Make it a Habit.

Receive the Holy Eucharist daily, for as our bodies need meals three times a day our souls need nourishment to sustain it and prevent it from dying and the body and blood of Christ are the food that will nourish our souls and bring it back to health. It is a great privilege to receive the body and blood of Christ and so it is most wonderful that we are able to receive it on a daily basis, so don’t skip a meal and keep a healthy diet.

With all of these in mind, it is no doubt that you are now ready to receive Him, His graces and blessings. Open yourself to Him for He wants to be with you and because Christ loves us so much he gave Himself up for us to cleanse our souls.

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