Bukas Loob ng Diyos joins the 51st International Eucharistic Congress

By Alexandra Muñoz

A night of lifting up praises with songs of faith transpired in the “Light of the World: Praise and Worship concert” done by the Bukas Loob ng Diyos (BLD) community last night at the Fuente Circle.

24011527453_494aa2beb4_z With participation from 42 members, the concert was a great avenue not just for talent but for worship to be shared with guests and delegates.
“We enjoyed the concert for it was strong in prayer and we find the music ministry here in Cebu very nice,” said IEC India delegates Fr. Anand, Fr. Sheelan, and Fr. Alfred.
Attendees were able to witness presentations of praise songs performed by their Praise ministry, an interpretative dance from their Youth members, and faith transformation testimonials from several members of the community.
“It’s just right and fitting that we share part of whatever we can contribute to the preparations to the IEC since it is an event that only happens once in a lifetime in our place,” said BLD Praise Ministry Head Bobby Gandionco.
The concert was dedicated to praying for the family as they are celebrating the year of Jubilee and Family in their community this 2016.
There will be a week long line up of praise and worship concerts at the Fuente Circle every night from different Cebu-based religious communities participating in the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) Cultural Events.

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