“Christ in you, our Hope of Glory”

The Eucharist: source and goal of the Church’s mission

The IEC is intended to be a station-a kind of a “stopover” where a local church community
gathers around the Eucharist to celebrate, render honor, and pray in the presence of the Lord in His Eucharistic mystery.

The center of all these takes place at the Congress itself which is the actual celebration of the Eucharist.

A deeper understanding and stronger committment to the Eucharistic Mystery is fostered through:
1. Catechetical Sessions
2. Celebration of the Word
3. Prayer Gatherings
4. Plenary Assemblies

All the components and details of the Congress should manifest an underlying vision of “Eucharistic Ecclesiology” which is oriented toward COMMUNION and ONENESS in the community that is the Church and which naturally seeks to reach out to all, especially those who are at the fringes of society, drawing them back until there will only be one flock under the one Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

At the Eucharistic “station” in Cebu City in 2016, pilgrims from all over the world will gather with the faithful of the Philippines and especially those of Cebu.

To know more about the IEC Basic Text, you may download the full document HERE. For local parishes or individuals residing in the Philippines, you can download the Basic Text Catechesis Presentation HERE.

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