Delegates’ Encounter at the IEC Opening Mass

The long wait is finally over as the week-long International Eucharistic Congress 2016 starts. The opening mass held on January 24, 2016 at 4:00 in the afternoon at the historic Plaza Independencia kicks off the event.
Delegates coming from the different parts of the globe, including our Sugbuanons took part and attended the mass. People from different walks of life, coming from the different continents gathered here in Cebu to learn more about Christ and contemplate on the role of the Eucharist in our lives.
As the conference starts, here are some thoughts coming from a couple of our delegates about this international gathering of the faithful.
As Fr. Wilfred Valentine Fernandes, a priest from Poona Diocese, India puts it, “The Eucharist is life”.
“As a priest, there is so much life and so much meaning in celebrating the Eucharist.” He added.
Fr. Fernandes who had also attended the National Eucharistic Congress in Mumbai, Bombay further shares that the Eucharist must be celebrated with devotion and faith. “As the cardinal was saying, we should also make a change with our lives”.

with Fr. Valentine Fernandes Poona_India

With Fr. Wilfred Valentine Fernandes (from Poona Diocese, India)

Carlos Lopez Valencia, a missionary from California, USA looks forward for a very well organized and a very spiritual event. He expressed how he is so touched to see every single one attending this gathering, enjoying preaching about Jesus. “I just feel so emotional because Jesus is coming in my heart. Right now, I am the tabernacle where He is dwelling and I have to share it with others,” he said. He further expressed his intent of getting closer to Jesus and bringing Jesus to others as well.
Gerald Eguia from Talim Islands, Binangonan, Rizal, shares that this conference is an important event for him as a Catholic. He wishes to deepen his faith and to learn more about the Eucharist. He is looking forward for more activities and to acquire more information from this week-long conference.
with delegates form Rizal Province

With the delegates from Rizal province

Aline Terlinden who’s originally from Belgium has been a volunteer in Rizal province for a year. In this year’s Eucharistic Congress she belongs under the Philippine delegation. As it is her first time attending this congress, she hopes to learn a lot about the Eucharist and learn to realize how truly great the Eucharist is. She hopes to be able to integrate the fact that the Eucharistic is indeed the center of our lives.
Witnessing how people of different races become united as one in faith is indeed overwhelming. There is so much joy in seeing how God lights up the fire in each other’s heart in a desire to get to know Him better and putting Him first above all else.

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