Eukaristiya (Garden of Thanksgiving)

Eukaristiya - A Garden of ThanksgivingBy Architect Mike Torres and Caryll Arcayan

“Eukaristiya” is Cebuano for Eucharist, from the Greek eucharistia which means Thanksgiving.

To commemorate the 51st International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu City this January 24-31, 2015, a religious landmark to be located at the Archbishop’s residence will be built and will be called the Eukaristiya – Garden of Thanksgiving, symbolizing the Filipino faith in Christ. It will be a venue for reflection, prayer and celebration with Our Lord. The venue is designed by Archiglobal Inc., a Philippine-based architecture and design firm which helped conceptualized institutions such as the San pedro Calungsod Parish Church.

The project will have three major areas. The first area will be the Stations of the Cross. As one goes through each station to reflect on Christ’s final days, a more personalized immersion in His story will be experienced.

One will have the opportunity to kneel beside Christ in the “Agony of the Garden” or carry in one’s arms the Holy Body of Christ under the cross. Each station will depict Christ and the pilgrim as the penitent or as one of the spectators during His passion. This will end at the 12-storey cross symbolizing Christ’s triumph through the Cross.

The second area will be the Pinnacle, a place to meditate and pray at a high elevation. The 12-storey triangular structure will house petition chambers on each floor where one can insert his or her prayers of petition, much like the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem. A lift will be provided that will go all the way to the 12th floor where one can say their prayers and lift them up to our Lord.

One’s journey in prayer in this venue ends in the third area called the Amphitheater where Christ’s resurrection is depicted with a sculptural piece above the altar where the Holy Eucharist is celebrated.





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