Table of Hope Banquet


The purpose of the Table of Hope Banquet is to make the International Eucharistic Congress meaningful to the poor and to give the poor a dignified participation in the said Congress (Carmelo Diola). We hope to give a hearty meal and goodie bags to 1,000 poor people (Barbara Dowding) living in dump sites and poor areas in Cebu City and the neighboring city of Mactan and the surrounding areas in the province (Teresita Nixon). The Table of Hope Banquet symbolizes the feeding of the multitude by Jesus. It also follows the teachings of Pope Francis to have compassion, to share, to feed, to serve and to love the poor.


The Table of Hope Banquet is co-hosted by the IEC 2016 and the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada. The Archdiocese of Cebu is led by Archbishop Jose Palma. He is assisted by Bishop Dennis Villarojo, Secretary-General of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress and Fr. Carmelo Diola, Chairman of the Committee on Solidarity and Communion of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress. The IEC 2016 will take care of inviting 1,000 poor people and decorating the venue. Tickets will be provided to the poor with different times to go for the banquet. The Couples for Christ led by Arnel Sacris, the Provincial Area Coordinator (PAD) of Cebu, will provide manpower service such as waiters and help in the set up and clean up of the pavilion site.

The Archdiocese of Vancouver is led by Archbishop Michael Miller, CSB. He is assisted by Ms Barbara Dowding, Vice-Chancellor, and Fr. Edgar Polotan, OSA, parish priest of Sacred Heart (Ladner). The Archdiocese of Vancouver is responsible in providing food and goodie bags for 1,000 poor people. Peter and Maver Siglos; Rudy and Emily Tuliao; Teresita Nixon; and Aquinas Institute are in charge of soliciting donations for the event. Aquinas Institute is committed to subsidizing, if necessary. Fr. Edgar Polotan, who is a native Cebuano, is in charge of negotiating La Fortuna Bakery and Restaurant, an accredited/approved IEC 2016 catering company, to provide the food catering services on behalf of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. The owner of La Fortuna Bakery and Restaurant is a close friend of Fr. Polotan.


The approved menu for this banquet consists of the following:
Lechon, Spaghetti, Chop Suey, Rice, Cake, Fruit cocktail in cups, Tetra packed juice, and water in a big dispenser.


1. The Table of Hope Banquet will have a hotel banquet style service.
2. There will be 25 tables with 10 guest seats per table.
3. The table rentals will be the responsibility of the caterer.
4. There will be 10 servers who will already put the food on the plates. The servers are local volunteers of Aquinas Institute.
5. There will be 25 waiters with one waiter per table. They will give the food plates to the guests at their respective table. The waiters are members of the Couples of Christ.
6. The same waiters will also be responsible for giving the goodie bags to the same guests.


1. Short welcome remarks by Archbishop Jose Palma in Cebuano/English. He will be introduced by Fr. Carmelo Diola.
2. Short Prayer led by Archbishop Michael Miller. He will be introduced by Fr. Edgar Polotan.
3. Token presentation of goodie bag to a small boy by Barbara Dowding.
4. Live or taped religious songs/music provided by IEC 2016.

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