FAQs: Registration Cancellations, Substitutions, Changes, and Refunds

Before proceeding to the most frequently asked questions about Cancellations, Substitutions, Changes, and Refunds, IEC2016 would like to enjoin all delegates to carefully identify their type of registration to avoid confusion and ensure correct processing.

Aside from the registration for the Congress Proper from January 24 – 31, 2016, there is a separate registration for the Theological Symposium from January 20 – 22, 2016.

Q: Can I cancel a registration and get a refund?
Cancellations may be made but as a general policy, refunds are not entertained. Changes and substitutions may be done, or a delegate could convert his/her registration fee to a donation.

However, there may be circumstances when refunds are allowed such as major illness or calamity affecting the registered delegate. These will be processed subject to cancellation fees as noted in the registration forms and there is a cut-off date of November 30, 2015. Please note that processing of refunds will be made only after the event.

IEC2016 reserves the right to grant, refuse, or cancel registrations under extraordinary circumstances, in which case, registrants will be offered a refund, subject to the cancellation fees specified in the Registration Form.

Q: How can substitutions be made?
A registered delegate may assign or transfer his/her registration to another by informing [email protected] (click here for downloadable form). Once the form is sent back, the substitution will be officially recorded in the List of Delegates.

Q: Can I convert my registration from Theological Symposium to Congress Proper?
Yes. All you need to do is send a request for the change to [email protected] by accomplishing the form provided (click here to download form), and remit the fee difference through wire transfer (see specified account number placed in form). Once verified, an official confirmation of the change will be sent to you. A new delegate ID will be issued for this.

Q: Can I change my registration for the Congress Proper from a 4-day Registration to the Full Registration?
Yes. The same process applies: send the form request for the change to [email protected] and remit the fee difference. Once verified, an official confirmation of the change will be sent to you. In this case, however, there will be no change in delegate ID number.

Q: What if I decide to downgrade from a Full Registration to a 4-day Registration?
Of course we would not want you to do that. But if you really want to shrink your attendance dates, no refunds can be given.

Q: Are there deadlines for these changes?
Cancellations made after November 30, 2015 will no longer be entertained.
Substitutions will be processed up to December 15, 2015.
Changes in registration type will be entertained up to December 15, 2015.
Refunds will be processed only after the Congress and will be paid within 30 – 60 days after the event.

NOTE: If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the IEC2016 Organizing Committee via email ([email protected]) or by phone(+63-32-2603912).

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