First Communion of Street Children with Archbishop Jose S. Palma

One crucial aspect of the International Eucharistic Congress in 2016 is to make it more relevant to all especially to the poor. Hence, there have been activities from the preparations and up until the event itself which are initiated to benefit the poor. One of these is to reach out to many street children who are found living and begging in the major streets and thoroughfares in the city. Spearheaded by Rev. Fr. Carmelo O. Diola, SSL, the Chairman of the IEC 2016 Committee on Solidarity and Communion, around 75 Street Children will receive their First Communion on December 7, 2014, Sunday, at 4:00 PM at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. One significant highlight of this occasion is a newly baptized mother who would also receive her first communion together with her two children. This has come to realization after the eight one-hour catechesis conducted by the members and volunteers of the said Committee. Such occasion would be graced by no less than Archbishop Jose S. Palma, D.D., the President of the IEC 2016.
Henceforth, this notice serves as your formal invitation with a hope that you would also grace the said event with your presence and join us with great joy on this occasion. Thank you.

Sem. Jonathan D. Rubin
Media Relations

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