IEC 2016 connectivity support exceeds that of Papal visit, APEC

PLDT is applying in the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) the technical experiences it learned while providing connectivity support in previous events like the visit of Pope Francis and the country’s hosting of APEC meetings.

Dennis Donato, in an interview in Cebu, said the bandwidth provided by PLDT to the IEC 2016 is more than that offered during APEC and the Papal visit. PLDT has set up fiber connectivity in the IEC Pavilion, where the sessions for the international gathering are held.

The telecommunications leader provides the key infrastructure that allows RTVM to cover and livestream the IEC events.

“The fiber optics remains here at the IEC pavilion,” Donato said. “Should there be future events, PLDT is ready.”

Donato also said that with the network infrastructure in place, Cebu residents get to benefit the enhanced connectivity.

“If a resident subscribes to PLDT, they can easily enhance or upgrade their services similar to what we have provided here,” he said.

PLDT provides free data connectivity and enhanced network coverage in IEC offices and the venues of major Congress events. This connectivity is underpinned by the company’s extensive fiber optic backbone and fixed line and wireless networks.

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