The International Eucharistic Congress Cebu (IECC) Foundation, Inc. (IEC2016) enjoins all delegates to carefully identify the type of registration they wish to make for the Congress and its various activities to avoid confusion and ensure correct processing.
However, IEC2016 realizes that there may be registration issues or concerns that will have to be addressed in the process. This policy endeavors to provide the guidelines that will answer usual questions and issues that arise relative to registration changes, cancellations and refunds.

1.) Refunds
As a general policy, refunds are not entertained. However, IEC 2016 reserves the right to grant, refuse, or cancel registrations under extraordinary circumstances, in which case, registrants will be offered a refund, subject to the cancellation fees specified in the Registration Form.

Beyond November 30, 2015, no refund request will be entertained.

Some possible grounds for refusal may be fake certifications or documentation while exceptional circumstances for granting of refunds may be major illness or accident on the part of the delegate, or calamity/force majeure at the delegate’s home place.

2.) Substitutions or Conversion
Should a registered delegate be unable to attend the event he/she registered for, substitutions are allowed and will be entertained up to thirty (30) days before the Congress.

The registered delegate may also opt to convert his/her registration fee to a donation.

Should this occur, the registered delegate must contact the IEC2016 Organizing Committee via email ([email protected]) or by phone(+63-32-2603912) for assistance in change of name or status of remittance.
3.) Changes in Event Registration
Changes in event registration from Symposium to Congress are allowed. Should a delegate wish to do this, he/she will need to officially inform the IEC2016 Secretariat of the desired change and remit the fee difference to the appropriate bank and specified account. A formal notice will be issued to the delegate for request processing and issuance of the corresponding change in ID Number.

4.) Congress Registration Changes
A delegate may make the following changes in his/her registration for the Congress Proper:
from a 4-day program to the full-week program, or
from the full week program to a 4-day program.
In the case of (a), the delegate should inform the IEC2016 Secretariat of his/her request, and remit the fee difference so the change can be made. Such requests can be entertained until December 15, 2015.
In the case of (b), no refunds can be given.
5.)  Credit Card Surcharges and Bank Surcharges are non-refundable.

6.) Refund Processing
Refunds of any kind due to a delegate will only be processed after the Congress Proper and will be paid within 30 – 60 days after the event. Refunds will be credited to the bank account of the individual, organization or institution from which the payment was received. For payments issued via cheque, the refund cheque will be mailed to the delegate’s confirmed mailing address.

Refunds will be processed after the Congress events.
7.) Event Cancellation or Postponement
Should the event be canceled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances attributable to IEC2016 as organizer, IEC2016 will endeavor to process refunds within 90 days of such circumstances becoming known. Refunds will be subject to the usual cancellation fees.
If you have any concerns, or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the IEC2016 Organizing Committee via email ([email protected]) or by phone(+63-32-2603912).

NOTE: *Effective Dec. 31, 2015, the secretariat will no longer accept requests for changes and transfer of registration.

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