IEC 2016 connectivity support exceeds that of Papal visit, APEC

PLDT is applying in the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) the technical experiences it learned while providing connectivity support in previous events like the visit of Pope Francis and the country’s hosting of APEC meetings. Dennis Donato, in an interview in Cebu, said the bandwidth provided by PLDT to the IEC 2016 is more than that offered during APEC and the…

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Washing the Feet of the Poor: The Eucharist and the Priesthood by Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni

Summary by Alexandra Muñoz “His presence gives my presence meaning.” Shared Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni to the attendees of his talk: “Washing the Feet of the Poor: The Eucharist and the Priesthood” yesterday as Part of the IEC concurrent sessions at the Waterfront Hotel. Delegates from different parts of the world were able to witness and take into heart…

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elim 1

Worshiping God with the Elim community

By Dee Llenos The cold droplets of rain that poured on our skins did not hinder us from singing our hearts out for Jesus during the Elim Worship Night yesterday evening at the Fuente Osmena Circle. Tears fell from the faces of my fellow participants as they prayed and shouted His mighty name. “Elim communities aim to do creative worship…

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paul ponce and family

How to Juggle Through Life: Paul Ponce’s Testimony

By Joshua Solano Paul Ponce is not your typical juggler. Not only has he performed for different parts of the world but he also witnessed the undying love of Jesus. This is especially hard for him since he was surrounded by different temptations with his showbiz career. He started juggling when he was still young. He practiced up to 8…

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A Summary on The Eucharist: Celebration of the Paschal Mystery A Catechesis: Hungering for the Bread of Life By: Most Reverend Robert Emmet Barron

By Mitos Gonzales “I don’t know right now any Church in the world more vibrant than that of the Filipino Church,” greeted Rev. Robert Barron, and the whole pavilion responded with a resounding applause. Considering the challenges being faced by the Church at this present time, he then continued, “It is the Filipino Church that is keeping it alive!” and…

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The Celebration of the Paschal Mystery and its Connection to the People especially the Youth

Tuesday morning was opened with morning prayers led by Rev. Msgr. Richard Kayondo followed by the Catechesis of Most Rev. Robert Barron entitled, “The Eucharist: Celebration of the Paschal Mystery.” The Paschal Mystery, as was explained by Most Rev. Robert Barron is the passion, death and resurrection of God. Encountering the Paschal event according to Most Rev. Robert Barron gives…

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mitos 1

Sacraments of Life

By Mitos Gonzales   The International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) in not only a spiritual gathering but also a cultural experience. The host archdiocese of Cebu tapped various performing arts groups and institution to render cultural show simultaneously in different venues within the whole duration of the IEC. Last night, the University of Cebu, together with the Unified Artists of Cebu…

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paul's talk

Summary on “The Manifold Dimensions of Eucharistic Hope” by Reverent Father Paul Vu Chi Hy, SSS

By Krisha Socito and Alexandra Muñoz Reverent Father Paul Vu Chi Hy, SSS of Vietnam discusses about the Eucharist in his talk: “The Manifold Dimensions of Eucharistic Hope” at the Waterfront Hotel last January 25, 2016. Over 300 registrants were able to attend and witness the session at the hotel’s Arctic I Hall. The three main points of his talk…

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Bukas Loob ng Diyos joins the 51st International Eucharistic Congress

By Alexandra Muñoz A night of lifting up praises with songs of faith transpired in the “Light of the World: Praise and Worship concert” done by the Bukas Loob ng Diyos (BLD) community last night at the Fuente Circle. With participation from 42 members, the concert was a great avenue not just for talent but for worship to be shared…

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charles maung cardinal bo, sdb

Message and Homily of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo at the Opening Mass

Ako ay masaya na makarating dito sa Cebu! I stand on this holy ground, full of gratitude and joy, bringing the message of hope and joy from the prophet of the millennium, our dear Holy Father Francis. Pope Francis loves you very much! Ang atong San Padre gihigugma kamong tanan! Kayong lahat ay mahal na mahal ng Santo Padre! We…

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