Noel Cabangon Sings for the Preservation Mother Earth

By Joshua Solano

noel cabangon performs at day 4 of IECNoel Cabangon, one of the Philippines’ legendary performer, composer, and dynamic activist of human rights and the environment, performed in front of the guests and delegates for the 4th day of the International Eucharistic Congress.
Cabangon performed his hit “Kanlungan” that received an outpour of applause from the audience. The song is both a literal and metaphorical representation of lovers who reminisce the beautiful times wherein the environment was still in its glory.
Noel also performed two more songs, most notably “After the Deluge”. He wrote the song inspired by the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda that struck the Philippines in 2013 and questions the people on how a person should rebuild one’s self despite of the difficult obstacles.
In an interview backstage with Noel Cabangon, he shared the importance and the relevance of the Eucharistic Congress to the protection of the environment.
“The relevance of the Eucharistic Congress is how we give value to God’s creation— not just the human being but also the environment. There’s this need to address the situation and it’s also been the call of the Holy See, the pope, to really find a solution—to encourage the heavy corporations to give importance to the environment.”
Noel Cabangon continues his journey in translating current issues into notes and scales to his music.

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