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Lord God our Father,

We lift our voices in thanksgiving to Your Most Holy Name as we are gathered here for the International

Eucharistic Congress, we beseech You to send the Holy Spirit to inspire us that we may fully benefit from

this experience. Show us Your perfect plan and give us guidance and direction to thoroughly accomplish

the goals You have set before us.We also thank you for the gift of life. Help us to appreciate unique

dignity of every human person and the individual contribution they make to the world.

In Jesus name.


- Floriselle Gianne O. Sanchez 9D

Almighty Father,

You are the way, the truth, and the life. In dark moments of despair, shield us from evil,

guide us into the light, and give us strength to face all of these obstacles that keep us behind.

Our world today is a reflection of what we have become. We allowed crime, violence,

corruption, and all sorts of evil to overcome our world. This is because we have let our demons

encompass our souls which kept us aloof from the goodness that comes from God.

As we celebrate the coming of the IEC, let this be a solemn and tranquil moment for us

to fill our hearts, cleanse our souls, and strengthen our faith. Speak to us O Lord through this

Eucharistic Congress and gather us all into your loving arms as we bear witness to the real

presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. We pray for the utmost success of this celebration that we

may become changed persons of love, compassion, and goodness. Grant us, O Lord the

guidance of the Holy Spirit that it may teach us to come as one nation, one family, and one

heart through your body and blood. Let this celebration mould us into becoming good disciples

of your love and better brothers and sisters towards one another. O God, make this feeble

heart of ours parallel to yours and help us understand the meaning of life, love, and what it

means to be a child of God. All this we ask in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

-Marian Rose E. Abecia 9-D

Dear Lord, may you bless the young and old Catholics during the 51st International

Eucharistic Congress that will be held here in Cebu. We are gathered here as one,

Lord; may you continue to have your presence here in this event so that we will be able

to learn everything from you and make it a fruitful one. Touch the hearts of each one of

us. Protect us from any dangers and any form of disasters or calamities. Help us to

listen well the good morals that priests, bishops discuss it to all of us. May you create a

safe place for all of us this coming the 2016 IEC. This we ask through Christ our Lord.


– Olarve, Karen Jay Keziah A. 8A

Lord Jesus Christ,

We surrender our future to you. We receive every blessing; every miracle and

every healing you want to give to us. We place our entire lives to you. We surrender

our families and friends into your care, knowing that you them more than we can

ever love them. As we celebrate this once in a lifetime experience, the International

Eucharistic Celebration, we ask you to send your loving guidance and protection. As

we receive you body and blood, guide us with your presence within us so that it may

mold us to better Christian Community. May this sacrament that we will celebrate

urge us to have eternal life with you.


-Yula Reign Cabanada

Lord Jesus,

May your Holy Spirit inflame our hearts, enliven our hope and open our minds, So that

together with our sisters and brothers in faith we may recognize you in the scriptures and in the

breaking of the bread. May your Holy Spirit transform us into one body and lead us to walk

humbly on the earth , in justice and love, as witnesses of your resurrection, You are the mystery

hidden from the ages and  from generations past now manifested to us. You abide in your Church

in  the most holy sacrament of the Eucharist.   As we celebrate the Holy Eucharist and receive

your Body and Blood, grant us the awareness that your presence in us urges us to continue your

saving mission in the world. Send us your Holy Spirit,  that he may lead us to walk humbly with

the poor and the marginalized, in the  company of Mary, your most holy mother and ours.

O Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to you be all honor and glory and praise in the unity of

the Father and the Holy Spirit. One God, forever and ever.  Amen.

-Jezahlou Kirstin Hife

Almighty Father,

Thank You for the give of life You have showered upon us. I come before You Lord God to ask

You to bless the International Eucharistic congress with Your Holy Spirit that it may be

successful and that it may bring goodness to Your kingdom here on earth. Give us guidance

Lord as we continue our journey in the preparation of this most awaited gathering. Guide us

that we may be safe physically, emotionally and spiritually as we continue to spread Your good

news. Everything we do begins with You, the IEC continues with Your help and may it be done

with Your guidance. Watch over us o Lord that this celebration would be for Your greater glory.

Give us strength that despite the challenges we face we would be strong enough to survive. We

walk this journey with You beside us Lord, faithful and hopeful for the coming of Your heavenly

kingdom. May You bless us with abundance so that we may honor You with good works by

fulfilling Your dream of peace and sincerity in this world. Lord, guide us Your people that we

would always choose the good and that we would be against all evil. Purify all our hearts Lord

and let us see the importance of life. May we cherish each and every day and each and

everyone living upon this earth. Lord, thank You Lord for IEC. I promise to do my best to

contribute to this congregation. I would offer my time every night to pray for the success of this

event. Thank You Lord for everything. I trust in You in all things. In Your name I pray , to be all

honor and glory and praise in the unity of the Father and the Holy Spirit. One God, forever and

ever. Amen.

-Jorna Poala C. Fajardo, 9C

STC Grade 3 prayers for the Eucharist p1

Prayers by: Jodi Marie Banzon – St. Theresa’s College-Cebu (STC), Grade 3B
Reyco Christian Lucero – STC, Grade 3B
Coreen Sofia Embalzado – STC, Grade 3B

STC Grade 3 prayers for the Eucharist p2

Prayers by: Joachim Bilape – STC Grade 3C
Ashley Toribio – STC, Grade 3C

STC Grade 3 prayers for the Eucharist p3

Prayers by: Anika Arcenas- STC, Grade 3A
Abby Binongo – STC, Grade 3C
Pangky Manguera – STC, Grade 3C


Spirit of God,
Your blazing love encircles our embodied selves with praise and gratitude.
Source of illumination and guidance,
Be the radiant Light that directs our steps into discovering concrete, creative and
encouraging ways of integrating our body and soul in participative liturgy.

Sharpen our senses that we may feel you connecting us
In the daily events of life;
Hear and listen to your voice beckoning us to be rooted in you;
Savor every bit of you goodness multiplied every moment
If we only dare to awaken more fully our consciousness;
See you walking patiently with us on the road to growing together in faith.
Make our bodies eloquent in expressing who we are as you dream us to be.
And may we be eternally blessed with the goodness you reveal to us every day!
By Sr. Rochee P. Austria, ICM

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