Pilgrim Symbol

IEC SymbolThe International Eucharistic Congress over the years has developed the tradition of choosing a symbol, with the inspiration of the World Youth Day Cross, that will embody and represent the spirit and identity of the place where it is to be held.

The local committee, with the approval of the President of the 51st IEC, His Excellency Archbishop Jose S. Palma, proposed the Cross of Magellan as the symbol for the following reasons:

The Cross of Magellan symbolizes the Christianization of the Philippines, whose beginnings can be traced to the year 1521.

The Cross of Jesus Christ, a relic of which is embedded within the Cross of Magellan, is truly our hope of glory. It is when we embrace the Cross of the Lord that Jesus comes to be in us, thus the theme of the Congress: “Christ in us is our hope of glory.”

The shrine that contains the Cross of Magellan symbolizes the Church which is the mystical Body of Christ. When the Church celebrates the Eucharist, Christ is truly in us, our hope of Glory.

The Cross of Magellan symbolizes the call to mission to all the Gentiles. Although the means of evangelization in the past need to be purified, the Cross, itself a symbol of contradiction, will be the principle of its purification. The Cross of Christ becomes the way of the New Evangelization – proclamation of the love and compassion of Jesus through the witness of our lives.


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