Summary on “The Manifold Dimensions of Eucharistic Hope” by Reverent Father Paul Vu Chi Hy, SSS

By Krisha Socito and Alexandra Muñoz

paul's talk

Reverent Father Paul Vu Chi Hy, SSS of Vietnam discusses about the Eucharist in his talk: “The Manifold Dimensions of Eucharistic Hope” at the Waterfront Hotel last January 25, 2016.

Over 300 registrants were able to attend and witness the session at the hotel’s Arctic I Hall.

The three main points of his talk are first, The Form of Eucharistic Hope as Communion; second, The Eucharist as a Source of a Hope-filled Praxis of Liberation; and lastly The Eucharist as God’s Gift of Salvation in Christ.

The Form of Eucharistic Hope as Communion discusses about 3 dimensions: The personal dimension of communion, the interpersonal and ecclesial dimension and the cosmic dimension of communion.

The Eucharist as a source of a hope-filled praxis of liberation elaborated on its political, social and liberating implications and bread of life as hope for the world.

The third main point of his discussion emphasizes how the Eucharist is God’s gift of salvation in Christ as a gift of freedom, a gift of praise and thanksgiving, and a gift of grace in witness and mission.

Rev. Father Paul Vu pointed out that in the Eucharist, we remember and anticipate Christ; he how Eucharistic Hope transforms all life and gives meaning to our journey.

“The Eucharist inspires Christian hope and gives birth to creative human activity in the direction of the coming of new heaven and earth,” said Rev. Father Paul Vu. “The Eucharist also gives us a sense of direction which activates hope towards God’s purposes for all humanity,” as stated in his closing remarks directed to the congress delegates.

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