The Celebration of the Paschal Mystery and its Connection to the People especially the Youth

Tuesday morning was opened with morning prayers led by Rev. Msgr. Richard Kayondo followed by the Catechesis of Most Rev. Robert Barron entitled, “The Eucharist: Celebration of the Paschal Mystery.”

The Paschal Mystery, as was explained by Most Rev. Robert Barron is the passion, death and resurrection offr. barron speaking God. Encountering the Paschal event according to Most Rev. Robert Barron gives life a new horizon.

The Catechesis was followed by a testimony of Marianne Servaas. Marianne shared in detail how she fell in love with the Eucharist and the Church and according to her the Eucharist is the beating heart of the church.

The testimony was followed by the Holy Eucharist mass led by His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales himself.

During the press conference Most Rev. Robert Baron admitted that it is his first time in the Philippines but the vibrance of the faith of the Filipino community reminds him of his ancestral church where it is impressive unlike 75% of the Catholics in the United States that actually stay away from mass, the Filipino community of the faithful are overwhelming “This event? How would you not be impressed by it? The Filipino community is keeping our church alive.”

Most Rev. Robert Baron also reiterated the importance of liturgical inculturation, “We’re looking for images that would appeal better to people’s minds. I had references to baseball but since it (baseball) is not so popular here in the Philippines I changed it to basketball,” shares Most Rev. Baron.

Most questions asked were pointed directly to Most Rev. Robert Baron as he was the speaker regarding the Celebration of the Paschal Mystery.

When confronted with the issue of self-invention prevalent in the youth, Most Rev. Robert

Baron responded, “Self invention portrayed in the media is a standard issue ideology. We don’t make our own story, we belong to a story. We belong to God’s story. It’s the church’s job to tell the story.” With the massive appreciation of secularization, it is a shame that individualism is starting to prevail especially among the younger generation who find it better to seclude themselves from the rest of the world in hoping to find their own self worth forgetting their participation in the story of God. Most Rev. Baron called this phenomenon a spiritual disaster, “It is our job (Priests and Bishops) to tell the generation what the story is all about. That’s the call of our times. We have to proclaim the greatest story ever told, if we can’t find a way to say it then shame on us,” shares Most Rev. Baron.

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