Washing the Feet of the Poor: The Eucharist and the Priesthood by Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni

Summary by Alexandra Muñoz

24629086776_9cd4884e22_z“His presence gives my presence meaning.” Shared Rev. Fr. Luciano Ariel Felloni to the attendees of his talk: “Washing the Feet of the Poor: The Eucharist and the Priesthood” yesterday as Part of the IEC concurrent sessions at the Waterfront Hotel.
Delegates from different parts of the world were able to witness and take into heart the remarkable testimonials, points of faith, and realizations of Fr. Felloni. He showed the audience how theology can be down to Earth and practical as he amused the crowd with both entertaining and interesting faith conversations all throughout his discussions.
He highlighted three distinctive forms of where the Lord’s presence can be found — Jesus in the Eucharist, Jesus in the Poor, and Jesus in the Presence of a Priest.
Fr. Felloni shared how in his personal experience, has realized that the act of the “washing of the feet” is not just a mere action of willingness to serve, but it is also an action generated by compassion that signifies a deep connection of love. The washing of the feet was an act done by Jesus that signifies how He cleans the church. Fr. Felloni mentioned how the Eucharist has touched him in his darkest and dirtiest spots in his life with no condemnation but with pure love. It is in the Eucharist that Christ makes us feel important, loved, and cared for.
He acknowledged how the faith of the poor has touched him by how they really have a strong and special connection with Jesus in the Eucharist. This strong faith is both enriched by the Eucharist and in the building up of the church.
Fr. Felloni shared two remarkable interconnected concepts. First, he explains how the “Eucharist makes the Church” through Jesus, His Words, and His Body, has kept the Catholics anchored strongly in their faith. Second, he has realized that the “Church makes the Eucharist”, all thanks to the commitment and holiness of great people of faith like priests, sisters, lay ministers, and the like. He acknowledged the dedication of the people who devote their time and effort just to share the Eucharist and Christ with others.
Lastly, he reminded delegates who are people of faith as an ending remark to his talk with the words: “Let’s be carriers of His presence; let us make Jesus present to his people, as we let everybody feel welcome in His Eucharistic Celebration”.

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