Worshiping God with the Elim community

By Dee Llenos

The cold droplets of rain that poured on our skins did not hinder us from singing our hearts out for Jesus during the Elim Worship Night yesterday evening at the Fuente Osmena Circle.

Tears fell from the faces of my fellelim 1ow participants as they prayed and shouted His mighty name.
“Elim communities aim to do creative worship using the arts, music and dance to honor God,” says Moses Catan, the ELIM 2 Missionary Director. “One way to make our faith more tangible is to make the people feel, hear and even taste it, for them to feel God’s power and holiness.”
During that moment, young or old, everyone sang in union, because we have one goal and that is to worship God.
Isn’t it amazing how our faith can unite us?
The IEC aims to build, strengthen and ignite our faith in God and inculcate His words in a manner that we can connect to others.
The night was about praising God and embracing His presence even in the rainy evening.
Maybe it’s God’s way of responding that He has heard our prayers and the rain. This is just the beginning, because IEC may pass, but our faith in Him will keep us strong and guided. For with God, we can do all things.


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